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Roller Derby Skates

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Quad skates for Roller Derby. This discipline, imported from USA, is so trendy among girls and the skates they use are high quality and resistent.

Roller Derby skates are quad skates especially designed for this sport. Roller Derbt is a mostly girls sport (you can now find some boys who also practise it, but not many). It is a contact sport, you play it on an oval track and you have to roll conunterclockwise. You have to go on groups and the jammers have to get over blocker rival riders. The jammers are the only ones who can get points for their teams. On the top of every team there's the pivot, who directs the group, named pack. The difference is a stripe on here helmet.

It is an intense sport where matches last up to one hour, in two halfs divided in 2 minutes JAMS. Even though it might look like a complex play, it is quite simple. Roller derby skates are build with specifically designed materials for the track with hard wheels to easy accelerate.

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